Your references never looked so attractive.

Always on point, show your experiences dynamically and specifically in any occasion: get a Job, get assigned to a Project or just proudly share your footprint in the business.

All your Projects, in one place.

They’re different but they’re always worth a mention. Each of them has its own peculiarities that can’t be missed or forgotten.¬†

Engineering can be hard. Resume shouldn't.

Let your achievements speak for you. Don’t worry about ¬†presentations or layouts. A clear and effective display of your experiences is the best reward to your efforts.

Not just a list.

Mistral is a network made by people. A continuous data flow feed the platform and each project is populated by the experiences of every member who made their part in it.

Simple and easy, give it a try!

Map your profile

Define you experience, share your achievements and design your professional story.

Build your network

A project requires many connections to be developed. Your myMistral profile helps you to map your connection, create and archive your personal logbook.

Grow toghether

Companies are made of people. Their experience compose their company’s profile.¬†